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A legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation; the art, the culture, the folklore and the artistry has to be seen. But there is much more in the heart of Oman to explore: the sense of respect for time, for people, and for nature. Come and taste a part of Oman's rich heritage, kept alive and unchanged for generations. It may help you understand tomorrow a little better.

For its size, Oman boasts an unprecedented number of UNESCO-classified World Heritage Sites including Al-Blaid; site of the ancient city of Zafar, Bat — with its tombs dating back 3,000 years, Bahla Fort, and Ras Al-Hadd; home to the rare Green Sea Turtle.

Oman's heritage features a prominent sea-faring tradition, as one would expect from a country with 1,700 Km of coastline.

Many museums and galleries around the secluded and historic harbours of Muscat and Muttrah illuminate the importance of the sea and, indeed, of water generally, throughout Oman's 5,000 year-old history.

If you are someone who has an understanding and appreciation of history, arts, architecture and the intricacies of a civil society, Oman is the place for you. From the ancient city of Nizwa to the towns along the coast to the Capital to Salallah, all seeped in history, you can experience Oman's sense of timelessness.

The Sultanate enjoys an unspoiled culture and traditional lifestyle in almost every aspect. Even in its modernity, Oman is distinctly Arabic and offers many unique old-world wonders.

The Omani culture has its roots firmly deep in the Islamic religion. Oman developed its own particular form of Islam, called Ibadhism, after its founder, Abdullah Ibn Ibadh who lived during the 7th century AD. Not all Omanis are Ibadhis however; there are also Sunni and Shi'a Muslims. Omanis are not only tolerant of the beliefs of different Muslim divisions; they are also tolerant towards believers of other faiths, who are allowed to practice their religion in churches and temples.

Muslims are required to pray five times each day after the call to prayer by the Imam. Beautiful, ornate mosques are found throughout the Sultanate, but they are not open to non-Muslim visitors. The holy month of Ramadan is a time of fasting and praying. For around 29 to 30 days each Islamic year, Muslims refrain from smoking, eating and drinking during the hours of fasting (from sunrise to sunset). Ramadan advances 10 to 11 days each year as it is governed by the lunar calendar. Out of respect, non-Muslim residents and visitors to the Sultanate are expected to observe the same principles in public.

Dress Code for Visitors:
The dress code is fairly liberal in Muscat, although decency is still expected. Women should wear, for example, tops with sleeves, and long skirts or trousers. Men are required to wear trousers and shirts with sleeves. Swimwear should be restricted to the beach or pools.

Muscat City Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Included: Private Transport, Pick-up, Omani guide, Soft drinks

grand mosque

First stop on your Muscat City Tour is a visit to the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Oman. From here you will be taken on a scenic tour taking in the Ministries, Embassies, Qurum Park Beach and on to Muttrah Corniche, with a stop at the recently opened Bait Al Baranda museum. We then continue onto the Fish Souk and Al Dhalam Souk, Oman’s largest indoor market. At the Souk, built in traditional style, you will find exquisite silver jewellery, frankincense, intricately hand-made Khanjars (daggers) and other handicrafts.  Your guide will also show you the local Omani sweet Halwa from one of the shops within.

The tour continues east along the Corniche to Muttrah (Old Muscat). Here you will visit the charming Bait al Zubair, a private museum housing traditional Omani items reflecting the country’s rich heritage.  Nearby is His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s Al Alam Royal Palace protected in the bay by the famous twin forts of Jalali and Mirani, rebuilt by the Portuguese around 1558. 

Passing through the fishing villages of Sidab and Haramel you are taken along the scenic coastal route towards the Shangri La Resort & Spa for coffee (optional). Finally we take you where only 4WDs drive can go, up to the amazing Muscat Heights with a stunning view over all of Ruwi and Muscat, a sight not to be missed.

Departs: 0900 Sat – Weds

RO 30 – Adult
RO 10 - Child U/12 yrs
FREE - Child U/5 yrs

al alam palace

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