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Pelagic Game Fish Species of Oman
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Common Name
Common Name
African pompano
Largescale mullet
Almaco jack
Largespotted dart
Arabian smooth-hound
Largetooth flounder
Banded needlefish
Lavender jobfish
Bartail flathead
Live sharksucker
Bigeye scad
Longcomb sawfish
Bigeye thresher
Longfin African conger
Bigeye trevally
Longfin Trevally
Bigeye tuna
Longnose trevally
Birdbeak burrfish
Longrakered trevally
Black and white snapper
Longtail tuna
Black Jack
Mackerel scad
Black Marlin
Malabar blood snapper
Blackbanded trevally
Malabar grouper
Blackbarred halfbeak
Malabar trevally
Blackfin barracuda
Mangrove red snapper
Blackspot threadfin
Marbled electric ray
Blackspotted rubberlip
Milk shark
Blacktail snapper
Blacktip grouper
Minstrel sweetlip
Blacktip shark
Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
Blacktip trevally
Needlescaled queenfish
Blotched fantail ray
Oblique-banded snapper
Blubberlip snapper
Obtuse barracuda
Oceanic whitetip shark
Blue mackerel
Orangespotted Trevally
Blue shark
Painted sweetlips
Blue trevally
Peacock hind
Bluefin trevally
Pelagic thresher
Pickhandle barracuda
Bluespine unicornfish
Picnic seabream
Bluespotted ribbontail ray
Pigeye shark
Brassy chub
Brownback trevally
Pompano Dolphinfish
Bull shark
Potato grouper
Bullet tuna
Rainbow runner
Cape white seabream
Redmouth Grouper
Chub mackerel
Red-tipped grouper
Clown coris
Roundjaw bonefish
Coastal trevally
Ruby snapper
Rusty jobfish
Comet grouper
Sand tiger shark
Common bluestripe snapper
Sandbar shark
Common dolphinfish
Sawtooth barracuda
Coral hind
Scalloped hammerhead
Crimson jobfish
Scrawled filefish
Daggertooth pike conger
Sharpnose stingray
Dash-and-dot goatfish
Shortbill spearfish
Dirty ordure snapper
Shortfin mako
Dogtooth tuna
Shrimp scad
Dorab wolf-herring
Sidespot goatfish
Dory snapper
Silvertip shark
Doublespotted queenfish
Sixblotch hind
Dusky grouper
Skipjack Tuna
Emperor red snapper
Sky emperor
Five-lined snapper
Slender grouper
Flame snapper
Sliteye shark
Flat needlefish
Small toothed jobfish
Frigate tuna
Smallspotted dart
Fusca drum
Smallspotted grunter
Giant grouper
Smalltooth sawfish
Giant guitarfish
Snubnose pompano
Giant seacatfish
Southern pompano
Giant trevally
Spangled emperor
Goatsbeard brotula
Spinner shark
Golden trevally
Spotted eagle ray
Goldlined seabream
Stocky hawkfish
Goldsaddle goatfish
Striped bonito
Great barracuda
Striped marlin
Greater amberjack
Striped seabream
Green jobfish
Striped threadfin
Grey reef shark
Grey sea chub
Talang queenfish
Harry hotlips
Tawny nurse shark
Honeycomb stingray
Hound needlefish
Thintail thresher
Humpback red snapper
Tiera batfish
Humphead snapper
Tiger shark
Humpnose big-eye bream
Tiger-toothed croaker
Indian goatfish
Two-spot red snapper
Indian mackerel
Indian pompano
Whitebarred rubberlip
Indian threadfish
Whitecheek monocle bream
Indo-Pacific blue marlin
Whitefin trevally
Indo-Pacific king mackerel
Whitemouth jack
Indo-Pacific sailfish
Whitetip reef shark
Indo-Pacific tarpon
Yellow-edged lyretail
Japanese meagre
Yellowfin goatfish
Javelin grunter
Yellowfin tuna
John's snapper
Yellowspotted trevally
Yellowstripe goatfish
Knifetooth sawfish
Yellowtail scad
Zebra shark
Largehead hairtail

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